NEGI has introduced Mutoh’s Intelligent Interweave technology incorporated printers for Mutoh which allows to maximize your print quality while still maintaining faster production speed’s. It’s in the wave.

Wave Goodbye to banding


Mutoh’s patented Intelligent Interweave printing technique (i²) print technique is standard on the ValueJet printer line. i² allows for increased print speeds while virtually eliminating banding, creating exceptional image quality. Its increased accuracy and consistency of dot size and release during printing improves the image. Increased dot gain control also allows for easier profile setting capabilities.


Compatible with these printers:


RJ-900X ValueJet 426UF ValueJet 628 ValueJet 1624 ValueJet 1624W ValueJet 1626UH


ValueJet 1628TD ValueJet 1638X ValueJet 1638WX ValueJet 2638 ValueJet 2638W

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