Textile Printer

Digital Textile Printing is the future of fashion Industries and Negisign is at the lead of that changes. Textile Printing provides Fashion Designers with the tools they need to analyze and explore while enabling them to build their collections faster and more efficiently than ever. With Our Digital Textile Printer from Negisign, Fashion Designers can get to work planning trends – rather than following them.

Negisign’s Textile Printing Machine has been growing popularity as an innovative textile printing that meets the industry’s growing demand for short-run production with enhanced design ability. We are manufacturers and suppliers of Digital Textile Printers. These printers are specialized to print on imaginable fabrics including silk, Cotton, Wool, Viscose, Linen, Rayon, Jersey, Synthetic.

Our range of Digital Textile Printers includes:

NegiJet RT R-1900

Brother GTX DTG