Wit-Color Ultra Star

Wit-Color Ultra Star

Wit-Color Ultra Star Printer range offers High Quality and High Performance for your requirements of Outdoor Signagebe it Hoardings, Bus Shelters, Bus Wraps, Glowsign Boards and many more applications effortlessly.

Carbon Fiber Drying System ensures the print media is completly and evenly dry with less power Consumption.

With continuous and robust repairable construction Dimatix  Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation and smooth gradient.

All Ultra Star Printers come with Magnetic Encoder for high precision printing and wider pinch rollers maintain precise and steady media delivery.

  • Print Head In-line / Staggered Arrangement Optional
  • 2/4 Dimatix StarFire 1024 All Steel Industrial Print Head
  • 4/8 Dimatix StarFire 1024 All Steel Industrial Print Head

Sawgrass Inks

Sawgrass Sublim Reserve inks

  • Optimized for printers running with Epson-based DX5 printhead
  • Excellent runability with minimal printermaintenance and cleaning
  • Produces high density images with exceptional color quality
  • Dries quickly to improve color uniformity and reduce waste
  • Formulated for print operations with high ink usage

 Sublimation ink for Epson DX5-based machines.

Sawgrass Industrial’s SubliM Reserve Dye Transfer Sublimation Ink is specifically formulated for DX5 printhead technology, allowing for digital printing on both polyester fabrics and polyester-coated hard surfaces. Sublim Reserve delivers excellent print quality, reduced downtime, and uninterrupted printing.

Compatible Printhead Technology

  • Epson DX5

 Material Compatibility

  • Polyester
  • Poly-coated surfaces

ValueJet VJ-626UF

 ValueJet VJ-626UF

The ValueJet VJ-626UF is a 6 colour (C, M, Y, K, White & Varnish) desktop A2-size flatbed LED UV printer with integrated vacuum bed, offering a media size of 594 mm (23.39”) x  483 mm (19”) Media thickness is automatically measured.  The VJ-626UF allows direct printing on a wide variety of flexible and solid materials up to 150 mm thick.  

An energy-efficient latest generation LED UV lamp ensures instant dry, ready to use prints and minimum energy consumption. Its reduced working temperatures also allow printing onto heat sensitive substrates. Compared to “classic” UV printing, Mutoh LED UV technology gives you all state-of-the-art health & safety and environmental benefits: no ozone generation, free of heavy metals like mercury and lead. Moreover, Mutoh’s LED UV inks and varnish are completely VOC-free, do not contain any hazardous air pollutants (non-HAP) and as such do not need an air purification system.  Both flex and rigid inks are available.

  • Compact desktop A2 size flatbed LED UV printer
  • Automatic table lifting & media thickness measurement
  • CMYK LED UV inks – optional white and varnish for a luxurious or specialty finish
  • Print on a wide variety of flexible and rigid materials up to 150 mm thick
  • Low energy consumption and low temperatures, ideal for heat sensitive materials
  • 0% VOC inks – non-HAP – no outgassing of prints – no air purifier required
  • Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving print technology (i²) – Dedicated “UV-weaving”

Negijet Konica

Negijet K3300

Pre-heater, printing bed heater, front heater and head plate heater, to adjust the temperature of the media and print head. The switches are in one panel, easy to operate and success on reducing wire problem. Separate the machine power and healing power to avoid huge current or electromagnetic wave disturb. Individual ink purging, it is good for cleaning print heads, saving ink. After one day printing, to protect print head easily by pushing the carriage to the rightward. Controlling its head plate height by a knob, which can control the height between heads and printing flatbed automatically.

  • KM512i printing width is 72.19mm, double as KM512
  • 30PL can print high resolution
  • Fire frequency is 27KHZ, 3 times more than KM512
  • Improve the printing speed and resolution with New technology: KM512i Print head.
  • Separate Power for Printer & Heater colors ink purging separately.
  • Auto print head dipping system, Head plate height can be adjusted freely.

ONYX Thrive 211

ONYX Thrive 211

ONYX Thrive workflow software is a scalable print production solution based on Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology. ONYX Thrive is a true end-to-end PDF workflow from digital file submission through printing and cutting. The Thrive Production Manager browser-based user interface enables workflow control from anywhere, optimizing both operator and output device productivity. ONYX Thrive software manages the wide format print production workflow process offering print service providers accurate, predictable, high quality printing results, and reducing costly errors.

ONYX Thrive 211 configuration is designed for service providers that want to invest in workflow software to manage their print production environment rather than purchase separate raster image processor (RIP) products that require individual operator attention. Print service providers can feel confident about investing in workflow software that fits the way their shops work today, with the peace of mind that comes with the ability to scale their ONYX Thrive software as business grows.

• Predictability

Eliminate late stage surprises and have confidence in the predictable output enabled by the Adobe® PDF Print Engine in rasterizing complex graphic design effects, including transparency layers, mixed color spaces and spot color handling. Achieve fewer prepress cycles and reduce the overhead costs of each job.

• Performance

Maximize throughput with a high performance software architecture that harnesses the scalability of the Adobe® PDF Print Engine regardless of the number of output devices in the print production environment. Automate repetitive tasks, optimize media used, and reduce waste using Quick Sets™ and advanced nesting.

• Scalability

Scale your workflow as business grows by simply adding software modules. Add RIP power independent of adding devices, ensuring printers and cutters are fed at maximum capacity. Distribute manual tasks upstream, automate downstream and significantly reduce turnaround times.

• Key Features

Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 with Adobe® Normalizer
Easy recalibration tool
Built in Pantone Plus®, RAL, and HSK® color libraries
Automated and manual named spot color replacement
White and specialty ink tools
Job Editor tool which includes color managed previews
Recognized as a G7 Support Tool
Quick Sets™ and unlimited hot folders
RIP-and-Print on the fly while RIPPING multiple files simultaneously
Smart 16 bit™ Processing
Multi-Page PDF splitting
Automated nesting with rotation
Automated or custom tiling
Printer pooling with automated allocation of print jobs
Automated print-and-cut workflow
Robust cut path management tools
Unlimited Thrive Production Manager
Network based site licensing
Distributable workflow modules
Add processing and printing capabilities independently



ONYX RIPCenter software provides the control and simplicity needed to get started in wide format print production and achieve consistent high-quality output at an affordable price. The versatile tools in ONYX RIPCenter software make it easy to prepare jobs and create sellable prints faster.

• Print & Cut Workflow

A fully integrated print & cut workflow, supports hundreds of devices and combinations for your unique applications
Preview cut paths, before submitting images to production, to enhance confidence in final output
Eliminate the additional printing step and import jobs directly into the CUT-Server module with cut-only workflow

• Quick Startup

Open and print your first file in minutes with intuitive functions
View active, upcoming and previously printed files within a single job queue
Access on-line videos and training through ONYX TV and onyxgfx.com

• Job Preparation

Easily modify jobs, without switching applications, with access to Job Properties from RIPQueue
Quickly reference job information and customer data with Job Ticketing
Simplify your workflow and minimize user decisions with ONYX Quick Sets

• Simple

Automate repetitive tasks with tools for print-only or print & cut applications
Easy-to-use calibration tools to maintain consistent print quality
Streamline job preparation, reduce errors and minimize material waste with ONYX Quick Sets

• Innovative

Color managed previews provide confidence in accurate, final output before printing
Track key customer and job information throughout the workflow with Job Ticketing
Produce vibrant color with software driven by ONYX Color, the proprietary color engine, from Onyx Graphics

• Proven

Support for hundreds of wide format printers and cutting devices
Easily train new employees with an intuitive user interface designed for your workflow
ONYX RIPCentersoftware grows with your business, making it the ideal solution for new printshops

ONYX Production House

ONYX Production House

ONYX ProductionHouse is wide format production RIP software that delivers high levels of automation, enhanced for superior output color and quality. Print service providers can achieve a streamlined print production process and reduce the time needed to prepare print jobs resulting in sellable prints faster.

• Productivity

ONYX ProductionHouse delivers the ability to automate print production and reduce the need for costly manual intervention to do repetitive tasks. Features such as the ability to split multi-page documents and tiled jobs, mean shops can get more done and reduce overall turnaround time.

• Power

ONYX ProductionHouse delivers the power to control print production workflow and output quality which helps print providers gain a competitive advantage while meeting tight customer deadlines. Versatile tools also support multiple print applications and help shops get sellable prints done faster.

• Simplicity

ONYX ProductionHouse helps shops get expert color in just a few clicks. It simplifies the building of unattended workflows for automation of routine tasks, making print production more efficient. ONYX ProductionHouse also helps shops save time and reduce waste on last minute changes with intuitive job control.

• Key Features

Superior 64-Bit ONYX Color Engine optimized for wide-format inkjet technologies
Highly automated Print > Read > Next color profiling system
Proprietary PowerChroma™ black generation technology
Includes a comprehensive set of drivers with thousands of standard color profiles
Smart 16-Bit™ Processing
Exclusive ONYX PosterColor® rendering
Maximum workflow efficiency with automated and unattended Print and Print-and-Cut workflows
Complete printer operator feature set for automated nesting, tiling, color correction, job management and archiving
Automatic PANTONE®, RAL and HKS® spot color matching
White and specialty ink tools
Step-and-Repeater module for fast creation of textile patterns
RIP-and-Print on the Fly while processing other files
Recognized as a G7 Support Tool

ONYX Postershop

ONYX Postershop

ONYX PosterShop RIP software provides all the tools required to achieve high quality, predictable printed output. Print operators will find it easy to manage multiple devices in a production environment while automating routine tasks which reduce errors and create greater overall efficiency. With ONYX PosterShop, print providers can utilize innovative color technology, on a proven RIP software platform, that delivers the ease of use and power needed to produce sellable prints faster.

• Color Management

Building ICC color profiles is a standard feature in ONYX PosterShop
Print>Read>Next media profiling makes it easy to maximize printed output quality
PowerChroma™ ink savings technology builds streamlined profiles with cost savings in mind

• Print & Cut Workflow

A fully integrated print & cut workflow,supporting over a thousand devices, provides the right printer and cutter combination for your applications
Previewing the cut paths, before submitting images to production, enhances printing confidence
Cut-only workflow enables importing jobs directly into the CUT-Server module without the printing step

• Job Preparation

Swatch Books quickly matches specific colors for demanding customers and reduce production waste
Job Ticketing enables tracking of job and customer specific details throughout the printing process
Simplify the workflow and minimize user decisions with ONYX Quick Sets

• Simple

Unlimited ONYX Quick Sets and Hot Folders simplify and automate routine production tasks
Save time and reduce waste with a complete set of job preparation tools for multiple applications
Automated job nesting optimizes media usage for both print and print & cut workflows

• Innovative

Color-managed print previewing, throughout the job preparation process, enables predictable printing
ONYX ChromaBoost™ improves the appearance of bright colors on hard to profile and low gamut media
Spectral Calibration accurately adjusts for color changes due to external lighting influences ensuring consistent print output

• Proven

User interface is designed around how print providers work; training new employees is easy
ONYX color technologies enables consistent quality output from print-to-print and device-to-device
Includes all the tools for a complete print & cut solution; no need to purchase additional add-ons

Wasatch Softtrip

Wasatch SoftRIP

Wasatch SoftRIP is sophisticated RIP software made easy. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP saves you time and money while producing excellent quality color. With SoftRIP, you don’t need to be an expert to print like one. No matter how large or complex your production environment, SoftRIP has the tools you need for complete control.

Wasatch Softrix TX Edition

Wasatch SoftRIP TX Edition

Developed exclusively for the needs of textile printers, SoftRIP TX is equipped with the tools you need to make your transition to digital printing seamless. With all the functionality of the original SoftRIP print management package, plus specialty features for textile printing, SoftRIP TX provides performance you won’t find in any other RIP.

RIP Master

ONYX Textile Edition software

ONYX Textile Edition software is designed specifically for the large format textile printing marketplace. It is available as an application specific edition for ONYX RIPCenter, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX Production House packages and as a module for ONYX Thrive software.

Nazdar Inks

Nazdar Inks

Nazdar® manufacturers the most comprehensive selection of UV, water-base, and solvent-based wide-format digital, screen printing, and flexographic inks obtainable from a single source. Nazdar® inks are primarily used by printers in the Point of Purchase (POP), Banner, Container, Industrial, Metal, Nameplate – Membrane Switch, Roll Label, Sign, and Textile decorating markets.

PZO Inks


  • PZO solvent-based inks are renowned for its easy use, sound reliability, wide color gamut, and high optical density.
  • Comprised of low corrosive solvents to increase the printer’sink circuit lifespan.
  • Superior adhesion to a wide range of uncoated materials.
  • Vivid colors match the original color gamut.
  • Maximum lightfastness.


Variants available

UNIVERSAL SERIES Inks Ideal for Printers with below Print Heads :

XAAR 128, Proton, Electron head, Seiko SPT510, Konica KM 35PL and KM42Pl

XAAR SERIES Ideal for Xaar 128 Xaar Proton and Xaar electron Print Head
SPECTRA SERIES Ideal for Spectra Nova and Galaxy 256 print Head Spectra S Class
SECTRA   POLARIS LV SERIES Ideal Spectra Polaris head 15 PL and 35PL





An Ecosolvent pigment based ink that is applied to various substrates / media using Piezo Printing Technology. Under series ECO VJJ J Series these Inks are compatible for All Ecosolvent Printers with Epson DX 5 , DX6 and DX7 Print heads.

ECO VJJ Series ink has been specially manufactured with utmost care taken in process of Pigment Grinding and repetitive Filtration process to give you the best quality inks at affordable Cost.


  • High Speed Printing possible, free from Ink Bleeding on Media,Decreased Banding Issues
  • High Color Reproduction,Safety Substance ,Mild Smell
  • High Glossy quality Light fastness of NEW ECO inks are 2 years.



Kiian Inks


Kiian is a leading global supplier of high quality, sustainable specialty products that provide unique printing solutions for the graphic, textile and industrial markets. With a distribution network that covers more than 90 countries worldwide and offices in Europe, Asia and the USA, Kiian delivers solutions for screen, industrial, specialty and digital printing.

Kiian covers color like no one else . It has developed inks for both the tradition analogue screen printing industry as well as for digital inkjet printing. Formulations go beyond standard four colours CMYK: Kiaan delivers a wide gamut alternative with light tones , deep blacks, spot colours and ‘ fluo’ additions for direct to textile as well as transfer printing . All developed with highest quality standards in mind.

Negi is official Indian Reseller for Kiian Inks in India. We offer complete range of Products manufactured and distributed by Kiian.


In addition to complying with the European directive R.E.A.C.H – Kiian Digital certifies that its inks also comply with 3 key global textile standards.

ADIDAS A01 ( THE ADIDAS Group standard)
CLEAR TO WEAR (INDITEX Group standard)
OEKOTEX STANDARD 100. (OEKOTEX Association standard- Independent standard)

 DIGISTAR  WR – 500  •



  • Digital Sublimation Ink for Transfer Printing:

Ideal for transferring onto synthetic fabrics ( polyster)
Indicated for transferring on to blended fibres( min 80% PES)
Ideal for transferring onto rigid subtrates (pre-treated)

  • Digital Sublimation Ink for Direct Printing

Indicated for direct printing onto synthetic fabrics (polyesters)

  • Compatible  with next Generations PrintHeads

Compatible with DX7 piezo printheads( and preceeding)

  • General Features:

Very vivid and bright colours
Wide colour gamut
Good general fastness
Excellent outlines definition
Excellent release ( transfer ) capacity
No risk labeling required


PZO Inks


We offer high quality Inks For textile digital printing which are designed for cellulose, silk & wool digital textile printing. With *Excellent compatibilitywith Piezo printing heads. Consistent ink quality & reliable ink stability which allows Excellent Reproducibility.

Reliable advantages
*Based on standard reactive dyes uses in textile.
*Easy for ensuring printing reproducible at a high speed printing mode.
*Quick and reliable transfer of digital sampling designs to bulk production.
*Excellent for deep black shades printing and Easy to wash off with minimal staining.

Variants and compatibility

Reactive Grade for printing on all Natural Fibres.

Acid Grade for best printing on Polyamide, Lycra, Wool& Silk.




Disperse Inks

PZO Disperse dye inks are Water based for direct printing onto polyester. With Excellent High light fastness of the prints; high duration of outdoor exposure; high fastness to rubbing.

The high penetration into the fibre allows the ink to create much stronger chemical bonds and to give to the printing a strong double-face effect.

Fast drying is essential to meet the deadlines required by the industrial processes.

This Disperse inks are Compatible with EPSON DX3, DX4 and DX5 printheads.



Dye Sublimation Inks

PZO Sublimation Ink is Ideal for transfer printing onto synthetic fabrics (polyester) and onto rigid substrates (pre-treated).

Ideal on medium and large format machines, it fully exploits their productive capacities. Speed, reliability and reproducibility of the processes over time meet the criteria of industrial productions.

This inks are ideal for Excellent performance printing with last generation plotters onto light and/or low coated papers.

Ideal for sportswear and Interior decoration.

Compatible with Epson Piezo printheads DX5,DX6 and DX7.


Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF

Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF

Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF 19″ tabletop, UV-LED, printer is the perfect fit for any print shop looking to expand its applications and enter the world of UV printing. Print limitless promotional items including: pens, phone cases, golf balls, awards and much more.

  • UV Led is environmentally friendly ink type.
  • Mutoh Patented Intelligient Interweave i2 print technology
  • virtually eliminates banding
  • Print on variety of materials up to 2.75 inches thick.
  • Create labels, textured signs and limitless promotional items.
  • Small 20 inch printer fits perfectly into any print shop.



The Negijet V4 65B Printer (1625mm – 64″) incorporates the very latest piezo drop on-demand head technology and new generation electronics. Targeted at Direct Textile Printing, the printer addresses the needs of businesses focusing on both high speed production and top quality print work.


Applications: Fabric Printing, Saree Printing, Digital Cushion Cover Printing, Digital Bed sheet Printing, Digital Home furnishing products, Viscose Fabric Printing, Stoles printing, Scarves printing.

  • Mutoh Proven Japanese Technology
  • Top speeds up to 48m2/h
  • Ideal for both speed production & top quality print work
  • Super high resolution prints at 20 m2 /h

Mutoh ValueJet 1604W

Mutoh ValueJet 1604W

The compact ValueJet 1604W printer (1625 mm ‐ 63.97”) is ideal for every daysublimation printing.  The printer is fit for both startup and established businesses wanting to extend their product portfolio.

Competitively priced , VJ -1604W delivers consistent quality for volume production runs as well as short print runs. The ValueJet 1604 W is very easy to operate and maintain
Applications: Soft Signage’s , Customized Gifts , Key Chains & Coasters.

  • Drop‐on‐demand 1440 dpi variable drop piezo print head
  • Worry‐free water based inks – dye sublimation or indoor imaging
  • Intelligent Interweaving printing technique (i²) inside
  • Space saver design – safe & easy to use7



NegiJet Polariz 3300 Plus is a high speed solvent printer with exceptional print quality at economical cost. This product is manufactured at our factory with use of expertise we have in signage industry. It is already appreciated by many sign manufacturers in PAN India.

Print on flex, banner, vinyl ,reflective and non coated medias.

  • High Print Resolutions upto 1200 dpi
  • Four Spectra Polariz Industrial Print heads
  • Four color inkjet high production Solvent Printer
  • Production speeds upto 1350 sqft/hr
  • Options available 15/35 plL.

Mutoh ValueJet 628

Mutoh ValueJet 628

The VJ-628 is Mutoh’s smallest sign & display printer offering a great potential to startup businesses, small sign makers, department stores and quick print providers.

Offering a media width of 630 mm (24”), the compact, user-friendly & cost-effective ValueJet 628 has been developed for a wide array of applications ranging from in-store printing, commercial print, signage and print-to-cut jobs.

  • Small 24″ Printer fits perfectly in to any print shop
  • Easy to use and compact printer
  • Latest generation piezo print head technology on board
  • Use on tabletop or with optional stand

The ValueJet 1638UH

The ValueJet 1638UH

The ValueJet VJ-1638UH is Mutoh’s first ever dual head LED UV printer delivering increased print & cure performance. 162.5 cm (64”) wide, the VJ-1638UH is all about versatility; it is the ideal tool to expand your business with a wide range of commercial print applications. The printer accommodates 1625 mm (63.97”) roll media up to 30 kg as well as rigid boards up to 1625 mm x 1200 mm (63,97” x 47,24”) up to 15 mm thick and up to 15 kg. For automatic roll up of prints, the VJ-1638UH can be equipped with a 30 kg or 100 kg motorised take-up system.

This printer will enable you to maximise your creativity! Next to CMYK, the VJ-1638UH also can be set-up with varnish and white to handle transparent or non-white substrates without losing colour power or to create special print effects and multi-layer printing for prints with high added value. Both flex and rigid inks are available.

The ValueJet VJ-1638UH will produce high quality graphics for short viewing distances such as trade show graphics, POP & retail signage, backlit banners, individualised wallpaper & interior decoration, small lot packaging prototypes, banners, posters, etc.

  • 1625 mm (63.97”) wide LED UV technology
  • C, M, Y, K LED UV inks – Optional White & Varnish for a luxurious or specialty finish
  • Output immediately dry & ready for use or second stage treatment
  • Low energy consumption – Low heat generation, ideal for heat sensitive media
  • Output is VOC free, no outgassing of prints – No Ozone in the production area  – No Mercury – No Lead
  • Automatic media thickness measurement & head height adjustment
  • Mutoh intelligent interweaving inside with dedicated “UV-weaving”

Mutoh ValueJet 1638WX

Mutoh ValueJet 1638WX

The Mutoh ValueJet 1638WX doubles the productivity of a printshop.VJ 1638WX provides outstanding performance at a competitive price, making it the smart printer choice for shops looking to expand applications, increase production and improve efficiency.

Applications : Trade Show Graphics, Flags, Banners, Apparels, Sports Uniforms and more

  • Intelligent Interweaving Print Technology
  • High Speed & High Resolutions
  • Advanced Print Automation
  • New DropMaster Technology

Mutoh ValueJet 1604X

Mutoh ValueJet 1604X

The ValueJet 1604X delivers crystal-clear, noticeably sharp prints at a lower cost of production. Valuejet 1604X utilizes Mutoh’s patented i² Intelligent Interweaving printer technology which allows for increased print speeds and virtually eliminates banding, creating exceptional 1440 dpi picture quality prints.

Unlimited applications such as Reflective Signage, Canvas Printing, Vinyl Printing and much more.

  • Unmatched high quality Prints
  • High Quality Eco Solvent Inks
  • Mutoh i² Intelligent Interweaving Print Technology
  • Lowest drop size of 3.5 picolitre

Mutoh ValueJet 1626 UH

Mutoh ValueJet 1626 UH

The ValueJet 1626UH is not only easy on the environment, but is a workhorse as well. Print a variety of roll materials, or attach the tables and print rigid materials up to a half inch thick.

  • UV- LED is an environmentally friendly ink type.
  • Create labels, textured signs and limitless promotional items
  • Mutoh’s patented Intelligent Interweave i² print technology virtually eliminates banding.
  • Print up to a half inch thick, perfect for promotional items and packaging prototypes

Mutoh ValueJet 1624X

Mutoh ValueJet 1624X

The ValueJet 1624X prints up to a blazing 600 sqft / hr, giving you a remarkable new printer that is second to none. The eco-solvent ValueJet 1624X’s technological advancements set a new standard for large-format printers.

Utilizing an all new state-of-the-art print head, this exciting new ValueJet gives you unsurpassed print speeds for a printer in this price range. Applications such as Car Wraps, General Sign Making, Wall graphics, Floor Graphics & Trade Show Displays can be printed on this printer.

  • Intelligent Interweave print technology (i2) virtually eliminates banding
  • Drop-On Demand Piezo Drive Method
  • EcoSolvent Ultra 3A Ink for speedy printing
  • ValueJet Status Monitor (VSM) smart phone app available for mobile monitoring.

Mutoh ValueJet 2628TD

Mutoh ValueJet 2628TD

The ValueJet 2628TD prints on non-stretch fabrics with open or closed structure (display fabric, flags, decoration textiles) Moreover, the ValueJet TD can also be used for sublimation printing onto transfer paper.

The ValueJet 2628TD printer will open up a host of new business opportunities for users requiring a versatile floor-to-ceiling production oriented printer.


Applications: Flags Printing, Home Décor, Soft Signage’s etc.
Incorporates Mutoh’s Patented Intelligent Interweave Technology to virtually eliminate banding


  • Dual Print head in line
  • Ideal for Tradeshow Graphics, Indoor & Outdoor Signs, POP
  • Displays, Flags and more.



NJ-UVF1 /NJ-UVF 2 delivers high-quality and productive color scheme with comprehensive features. UV LED Curing Flatbed Printers provide high quality direct printing on majority of materials, including wood, glasses, leather, ceramic tiles and much more.

Ricoh Gen 5 Printheads provide top class durability, speed and resolution. It enables high-speed and resolution. It enables high-speed printing while easy to assemble and calibrate.

  • Dual Negative Pressure System is Separate negative pressure system for white and color ink supply with digital control greater pressure display gauges to increase printing speed and stability.
  • Hydraulic Stoppers avoid the damage of the head carriage once it accidently crashes to the left or right end.
  • 4 Zones Vacuum System is divided into 4 zones which can be controlled separately. That minimize the manual steps and increase the efficiency for small batch printing.
  • Material Alignment System allows accurate and consistent media placement.
  • Emergency Stop Switches operation from any side of the printer.
  • White Ink Circulation System Keeps color particulates in motion in a bid to improve stability and dispersions of the pigments in the fluid reservoir and ink path.
  • Low Ink Reminding System works when the ink volume is low, the alarm will light up and beep.

Mutoh ValueJet 1638X

Mutoh ValueJet 1638X

Mutoh’s ValueJet 1638X high speed, eco-solvent printer has a staggered dual-head design that blows the competition away!

With print speeds over 1,000 sf/hr no one comes close to its production capability. And with Mutoh’s Smart Printing technology like; Intelligent Interweave (i2) print technique that virtually eliminates banding. Applications such as Car Wraps, Banners, Retail Displays ,Vehicle Decals and much more can be printed.

  • Intelligent Interweave print technology (i2) virtually eliminates banding
  • Best in class print quality
  • Easy to install and operate
  • New dual staggered print head

NegiJet UVR-3200 RTR

NegiJet UVR-3200 RTR

NegiJet UVR-3200 RTR printer come equipped with the most advanced Kyocera Print Head or Ricoh Gen5 Print Head. Kyocera Head has the 3.5 PL ink droplet size and 2656 nozzles. Full-steel made, the Kyocera has a longer life time. The head has double-row inlet ink tubes to ensure even ink flowing pressure. The unique anti-blocking technology and  the automatic bubble cleaning function highly reduce the nozzle blocking and nozzle missing during the long time printing. Ricoh Gen5 Head has the 7 PL ink droplet size and 1280 nozzles. The Head has Single pass 600dpi High Resolution Print for 1 colour, Achieves excellent Gray scale rendering, Highly Robust and anti Corrosion Properties.

  • Constant temperature water cooling bed avoids the media being Wrinkled
  • imported high-quality metal raster enables the carriage movement precision to 0.01mm
  • Advanced plasma Anti-static device, avoids ink spray caused by the static from the media

Mutoh ValueJet 2638XW

Mutoh ValueJet 2638XW

Mutoh’s ValueJet 2638 model will address the needs of PSPs and commercial printers looking for a high volume printing solution whilst requiring media compatibility with media rolls up to a width of 2.6 m.


The 4-colour high speed printer features a staggered dual head setup with latest generation 1440 nozzle 8 channel piezo heads, offering improved productivity. Using NegiPZO sublimation inks or Kiian sublimation inks , the VJ-2638 prints on heat transfer paper or by attaching fabric printing accessory allows to print on coated polyester fabrics.

  • For customers requiring a high volume printing solution whilst requiring mediacompatibility with media rolls up to a width of 2.6 m
  • Staggered dual head setup with latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads
  • Ideal for both speed production & top quality print work
  • Super high speed prints at 360*360 2 pass – 48.29sqkm/hr.



The RJ1300 (42”/54”) are ideal for every day sublimation printing. The printer is fit for both startup and established businesses wanting to extend their product portfolio.


Applications: T-shirt printing, Mug printing, Customized gift articles, Sublimation Stone etc.

  • 1440 nozzle variable drop piezo inkjet head (CMYK)
  • Worry-free water based inks
  • Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving printing technique inside
  • Space saver design – safe & easy to use

Mutoh ValueJet 2638X

Mutoh ValueJet 2638X

Mutoh’s ValueJet 2638 model will address the needs of PSPs and commercial printers looking for a high volume printing solution whilst requiring media compatibility with media rolls up to a width of 2.6 m.

Suitable for indoor & outdoor graphics, the new 102” wide printer will deliver both high quality and high speed

  • Ideal for both speed production & top quality print work
  • Super high resolution prints at 24 m²/h
  • Staggered dual head setup with latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads
  • Top speeds upto 108m2/hr

Mutoh ValueJet 1624W

Mutoh ValueJet 1624W

Targeted at the sign and display market, Mutoh’s ValueJet 1624W printer will appeal to established businesses as well as to starters.
Incorporating the well-known & proven Mutoh ValueJet design features, the VJ-1624W printer has a revolutionary drop-on-demand 1440 nozzles print head on board.

The CMYK ValueJet 1624W printer is suited for the production of long term Outdoor Applications: full-colour posters, banners, backlit signage, POS displays, external notices for buildings, production plants and construction sites as well as adhesive signs and stickers.

  • Powerful printer, featuring new head technology
  • Increased print speeds & improved print quality
  • Proven technology plus a new set of innovative comfort features
  • Impeccable print quality every time with Mutoh i² print technology
  • Print speeds up to 29.1 m²/h

NegiJet Starfire 3300

NegiJet Starfire 3300

Negijet Starfire 3300 is perfect solution for all applications like billboards, POP displays, exhibition & vehicle graphics, shop signs, backlit displays, etc. It has multiple media compatibility.

Our Expertise in signage field is for more than 20 years, which gave us the confidence to develop our own Range of Negijet Solvent Printers at our Factory – Negi Digital ,Dehradun.

  • Spectra Starfire 1024 Print Heads (2 heads / 4 heads.)
    with 4 Color Inks CMYK.
  • Highest print Speeds upto : 1100 Sq.ft/hr 2 Print Heads /
    2200 sq.ft/hr 4 Print Heads
  • Negative pressure system for smooth and stable Ink supply
    for long production jobs.
  • With Aluminium base, beam and dual linear guide enable high
    speed printing and long service life.
  • Single Printer for your Indoor and Outdoor Jobs.