Anderson Group’s state of the art hybrid inkjet UV printer’s Specifications. High quality printing / High precision low fraction error media transfer belt design and true 1440dpi 6 color + 2 additional option inks (White and Varnish) makes high quality printing possible. The AJet series UV inks used produce no voc´s (environ friendly).

  • Hybrid UV curable digital inkjet printer is equipped with roll to roll and panel to panel feeds
  • Double white print heads let white color outstanding and heightens the intensity and vivid effect on colorful printing
  • The unique 3 layer function on color-white-color, color-white-black enable transparent material wide range application capability
  • White-white-color enable 3D printing application capability
  • Automatic media size matching vacuum area control design holds media flat and stationary
  • Varnish can focus and highlight specific parts of product
  • Motorize height-adjust mechanism allows any user to easily adjust the height of the print head for thick or thin medias
  • Automatic head cleaning, ink line and flush line integrated design make print head clean easily to keep nozzle in good condition
  • Printing width runs up to1650mm (65inch) and height runs up to 65mm

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