The high speed printing system with an output of up to 220 garments per hour.

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A Kornit 1000 R-series printer. Featuring dual-pallets, 1.5 liter bulk ink system, new ink recirculation mechanism and an automatic maintenance and pretreatment systems, the Kornit Avalanche 1000 is built for 24/7 operation. Built to fit the widest variety of applications and upgrades, with 24 print heads to produce up to 220 light or 160 dark garments per hour, the Avalanche 1000 is flexible enough to adapt to your business needs while sustaining high print volume around the clock.

With an industrial t-shirt and garment printer like this, you dramatically boost your print speed and significantly improve print quality while reducing your maintenance ink consumption. Even if you are already manufacturing at mass-volume, take your production to the next level with the Kornit Avalanche 1000.


  • Print on multiple fabric types, both light and dark
  • Wide selection of pallets customized for different size garments
  • Includes NeoPigment™ process with integrated automated pretreatment
  • 24 height-adjustable industrial Spectra Piezo Polaris™ print heads for printing over zippers, buttons and raised objects

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