Mutoh Valuejet 1938TX

Enter the world of textile printing with the 1910mm/ 75” wide VJ-1938TX direct-to-textile printer from Mutoh. The VJ-1938TX will print designs and photographic art work directly onto a variety of fabrics including closed, open non-stretch; face-in and face-out roll media. The VJ-1938TX is suited for the production of high quality company flags, country flags, beach flags, personalized advertising, textile gadgets, and clothing as well as home decoration fabrics. Its high-quality engineering, NEGI’s Smart Printing Technologies, wide print area and fast print speeds are only a few of the features that make the VJ-1938TX a valuable addition to any print shop looking to enter or expand their textile printing applications.The VJ-1938TX employs 2 heads for blazing fast print speeds up to 52m²/h* ! 8 channel piezo print head technology helps make the images stand out and look sharp to even the most discerning viewers.



  • 1910mm/75″ direct to textile printer
  • Up to 8 color capability
  • Staggered dual print heads
  • Variable Dot Technology
  • Grid roller feeding system
  • Front and back tensioning
  • Heavy-duty feed and take-up system (up to 100kg)
  • 3 steps head height adjustment up to 6.0mm
  • Easy daily maintenance

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