Mutoh Valuejet 1948WX

New 1910 mm/75” Wide Water-based Inkjet Printer with 4 staggered print heads opens a new era of high production dye-sublimation printing The MUTOH VJ-1948WX, newly developed high speed dye-sublimation inkjet printer effortlessly delivers the best-in-class speed and superior print quality.Staggered 4 print head-setup enables high-speed printing and improved productivity, the VJ-1948WX achieves a maximum print speed of 117.3m²/h*.With the addition of new custom modes, the options of the printing function are significantly widened. The large dual heaters are incorporate on the rear side of the front paper guides, and it provides fast dry times and accelerates production speeds. A special feature of the ValueJet Status Monitor (VSM), the ValueJet Print Server (VPS) provides high-speed and stable printing.


  • Up to 8 color capability
  • Staggered 4 print heads
  • Variable Dot Technology
  • 3 steps head height adjustment
  • Built-in large dual heaters
  • Pressure roller down system
  • Equipped the automatic cutting function
  • Feed and take-up system included (up to 100kg)
  • Easy daily maintenance

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