Negijet K3300

Pre-heater, printing bed heater, front heater and head plate heater, to adjust the temperature of the media and print head. The switches are in one panel, easy to operate and success on reducing wire problem. Separate the machine power and healing power to avoid huge current or electromagnetic wave disturb. Individual ink purging, it is good for cleaning print heads, saving ink. After one day printing, to protect print head easily by pushing the carriage to the rightward. Controlling its head plate height by a knob, which can control the height between heads and printing flatbed automatically.

  • KM512i printing width is 72.19mm, double as KM512
  • 30PL can print high resolution
  • Fire frequency is 27KHZ, 3 times more than KM512
  • Improve the printing speed and resolution with New technology: KM512i Print head.
  • Separate Power for Printer & Heater colors inks purging separately.
  • Auto print head dipping system, Head plate height can be adjusted freely.

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