NegiJet RT R-1900 

Designed especially for high-quality, high-productivity and high- performance, the Negijet Textile Printers opens a new possibility of Textile printing with state of art digital technology and customer-focused approach of daily smooth operations and reliable printing.

Negijet Textile Printer Series is the solution for customers who are in need of high image quality, low running cost and user friendliness in order to survive intense competitive market of textiles.

Bundled with Professional Textile Rip Softwares for better colour reproduction and Print Quality


  • Single pass 600dpi High Resolution Print for 1 colour
  • Achieves excellent Gray scale rendering
  • Highly Robust and anti Corrosion Properties

Features and Advantages

  • Powered by Ricoh Gen5 Variable Dot Print heads 8 Print heads and 16 Print heads
  • Max Speeds: in 8 colours upto 120 – 8 heads upto 240 – 16 Heads.
  • Width Available: 1900 mm
  • Resolution: 300dpi / 1200 dpi with Variable Drop 7pl /14 pl / 21 pl
  • 8 Colours – CMYK + Red, Orange, Grey and Blue
  • 4 types of Inks to choose : Reactive, Disperse, Acid or Pigment.
  • Best designed Belt-transporting System, with Auto Brush & Sponge Roller Washing System.

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