NegiJet UVR-3200 RTR

NegiJet UVR-3200 RTR UV printer comes equipped with the most advanced Kyocera Print Head or Ricoh Gen5 Print Head. Kyocera Head has the 3.5 pl ink droplet size and 2656 nozzles. Full-steel made, the Kyocera has a longer lifetime. The head has double-row inlet ink tubes to ensure even ink flowing pressure. The unique anti-blocking technology and the automatic bubble cleaning function highly reduce the nozzle blocking and nozzle missing during long time printing. Ricoh Gen5 Head has the 7 pl ink droplet size and 1280 nozzles. The Head has Single-pass 600dpi High-Resolution Print for 1 color, Achieves excellent Grayscale rendering, Highly Robust and anti Corrosion Properties.

  • Constant temperature water cooling bed avoids the media being Wrinkled
  • imported high-quality metal raster enables the carriage movement precision to 0.01mm
  • Advanced plasma Anti-static device, avoids ink spray caused by the static from the media

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