NJ-UVF1 /NJ-UVF 2 delivers high-quality and productive color scheme with comprehensive features. UV LED Curing Flatbed Printers provide high quality direct printing on majority of materials, including wood, glasses, leather, ceramic tiles and much more.

Ricoh Gen 5 Printheads provide top class durability, speed and resolution. It enables high-speed and resolution. It enables high-speed printing while easy to assemble and calibrate.

  • Dual Negative Pressure System is Separate negative pressure system for white and color ink supply with digital control greater pressure display gauges to increase printing speed and stability.
  • Hydraulic Stoppers avoid the damage of the head carriage once it accidently crashes to the left or right end.
  • 4 Zones Vacuum System is divided into 4 zones which can be controlled separately. That minimize the manual steps and increase the efficiency for small batch printing.
  • Material Alignment System allows accurate and consistent media placement.
  • Emergency Stop Switches operation from any side of the printer.
  • White Ink Circulation System Keeps color particulates in motion in a bid to improve stability and dispersions of the pigments in the fluid reservoir and ink path.
  • Low Ink Reminding System works when the ink volume is low, the alarm will light up and beep.

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