Wit-Color Ultra Star Solvent Printer

Wit-Color Ultra Star is Solvent Printer range offers High Quality and High Performance for your requirements of Outdoor Signage it Hoardings, Bus Shelters, Bus Wraps, Glowsign Boards and many more applications effortlessly.

Carbon Fiber Drying System ensures the print media is completely and evenly dry with less power Consumption.

With continuous and robust repairable construction Dimatix  Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation and smooth gradient.

All Ultra Star Printers come with Magnetic Encoder for high precision printing and wider pinch rollers maintain precise and steady media delivery.

  • Print Head In-line / Staggered Arrangement Optional
  • 2/4 Dimatix StarFire 1024 All Steel Industrial Print Head
  • 4/8 Dimatix StarFire 1024 All Steel Industrial Print Head

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